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... Or Equivalent Work Experience.

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“Minimum qualifications include Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Computer science, Information Technology, or a technical field is required. Equivalent work experience in a similar position may be substituted for educational requirements.”

In one sentence you say it’s required. In the next you say it isn’t.

Since when was a degree in anything equivalent to work experience? In what universe would you prefer the degree over experience?

I have been consistently bothered by seeing things like this in job descriptions for as long as I’ve been in the tech field. It’s a meaningless waste of bits. Note, the above was taken from a job description for a Director of Technical Operations job description. In what world would you hire someone for that position with only a degree? In what world does any degree trump the experience of the individual?

I don’t have a degree. Every job I have ever had “required” one, but my experience was a suitable replacement.

Can we stop adding meaningless text like this to our job descriptions? How about something like this:

“We would like someone who has experience doing this job and is willing to share their experiences shipping results. If you have a degree, that’s good, but we are most interested in how you can help us to be better.”

Isn’t that more honest? If you aren’t going to exclude a candidate because they don’t have a degree, don’t require it. Be honest about what you are interested in & demand that¬†from your candidates.