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Do What You Want

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If there is anything in my career that I could contribute to consistently providing good results, it’s doing what I want. This is not the same as not following directions, but it kind of is.

When you are doing what you want, your work is your hobby and your hobby contributes to your work. I tend to work a short period of time somewhere and then I start to see a pattern and follow my instincts. I see work that isn’t being made a priority but has long-term value. Usually the work isn’t being made a priority because it doesn’t have a champion. When I find this type of work which also involves having to learn something new I know I’ve found my new hobby. I become the Champion for this work.

When you do this, you stand out. You also get to have more say into how that thing gets done – often a lot of say. You get to lead and you get to learn. As you make progress, you get to teach. Before you know it, you are a leader.

See, “what I want” is to learn something new, to lead and to teach. I want to fail and then I want to succeed.

The easiest way to stop doing something is to not do it, or not be good at doing it. Coincidentally, the easiest way to start doing something is to do it.